Very pleased to be taking part in the signing of a three year Partnership Agreement between Methanol Holdings (Trinidad) Limited (MHTL) and the Starlift Steel Orchestra (Starlift) on October 13 are:

(From right) MHTL’s Chairman, Dr. Euric Bobb, Nello Ramkissoon, CFO (standing), Dennis Patrick, CEO and (from left), Starlift’s Vice Captain, Marius Caballero, Rhona Harris, Secretary and Michael Franco, Captain.


THURSDAY, OCTOBER 15 2015: PORT OF SPAIN, TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO –There were smiles all around on Tuesday, October 13 at the offices of Methanol Holdings (Trinidad) Limited (MHTL), when the company and executive members of the Starlift Steel Orchestra officially signed a three year sponsorship agreement with the well-known Woodbrook steelband.

MHTL’s Chairman, Dr. Euric Bobb, Chief Executive Officer, Dennis Patrick and Chief Financial Officer, Nello Ramkissoon along with Starlift Steel Orchestra’s Captain, Michael Franco, Vice-Captain, Marius Caballero and Band Secretary, Rhona Harris were all in attendance as the seal of approval was put on this local “large band” which will now be known as “MHTL Starlift Steel Orchestra.”

Dr. Euric Bobb, Chairman of MHTL shared his enthusiasm on the new partnership, saying, “MHTL and its parent companies recognise the value of supporting the communities in which we operate. As such, we actively contribute to the well-being of the people of Trinidad and Tobago through education, training and personal development.”

He went on to state that “Many times people on the outside think that a sponsorship is only about money. However to us at MHTL, it is more about building a partnership with Starlift as the leadership of the band develops the orchestra into an institution with strong character, discipline and hard work that would enrich the social capital of its community and beyond. We at MHTL will indeed be there to work with you and to help you to become established among the premier bands in the country.”

In his remarks at the signing ceremony, Dennis Patrick stated that “Despite the challenging business environment, MHTL has turned its attention to the significant developmental and social benefits to be derived from investment in the steelband movement as part of its commitment to the people and culture of Trinidad and Tobago.”

He further stated that “This innovative and productive enterprise with its consequent rewards of self-discipline and self-esteem, has provided a means of encouraging youngsters to put their energy into productive pursuits thus building stronger and more successful communities.”

In responding, a very elated Michael Franco, Captain of Starlift Steel Orchestra, said “I wish to express on behalf of all the members of Starlift, our deepest gratitude to the management of Methanol Holdings (Trinidad) Limited and its major shareholders Proman AG of Switzerland and Helm AG of Germany for the confidence which you have placed in us.“

He continued “We look forward to this investment in the people and culture of Trinidad and Tobago and we promise that we will certainly make you proud!”

Franco went on to state that “Trinidad and Tobago and the Woodbrook community can look forward to good things in the future as we do our utmost to make the MHTL Starlift Steel Orchestra a major player in the steelband arena.”



Methanol Holdings (Trinidad) Ltd (MHTL) is a privately owned petrochemical company based on the Point Lisas Industrial Estate, Trinidad, being a a producer of methanol for over 30 years and since 2010 has also been producing ammonia, UAN and melamine.

The company is owned by parent company Consolidated Energy Limited which is itself owned by Proman AG based in Switzerland and Helm AG based in Germany,. It is the number one exporter of methanol to the US market and the 2nd largest methanol producer in the world and accounts for 23% of the global methanol trade.